The Unofficial Guide to Masters of the Universe Classics to get a highly limited second printing!

By the Power of Grayskull! Yup, it’s official folks: we’ve once again taken it upon ourselves to finance a highly limited print run of the MOTUC guide book for North America.

We are currently accepting pre-orders. If you are reading this message, you get first crack at reserving an issue of the book by prepaying for it. Simply send an email to requesting an invoice. Once you pay the invoice, your copy or copies will be guaranteed.

During this exclusive pre-order period, each buyer may only purchase up to 5 copies of the book. We want to make sure as many folks that want a copy can get one, and we don’t want to pre-sell out.

Despite rising costs, we have found a way to retain the $54 price point plus $4 shipping anywhere in the USA. If you live abroad, please make sure to mention it when you request an invoice, as your shipping rates will vary (and be significantly more, unfortunately. The average total for the book plus shipping-except to Canada and Mexico- is $92 to $96).

Preorder fulfillment will begin by late April, 2019.

Order your copy today! This highly-limited second print run is sure to sell out fast.

Thank you for your support,

David, Rod and Jose (authors of the unofficial MOTUC guide)

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